Throughout the computer era, the need for faster and denser memory devices has put constant pressure on memory manufacturers. This has resulted in ever changing technology is geared to provide information that will help better educate you regarding the history of memory components, as well as different types of memory products that are currently available. This will also lead to discussions on the latest technologies that are currently being developed.

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During the next few weeks we will be adding additional information to the website on various trends in the memory market and where this industry is headed. We will be talking about the latest technological updates on various types of RAM and also about optical memory and give you information on various sources and resources for the same.

We will also be creating tutorials and guides on how to check the memory usage of various commonly used software applications, chrome extensions and firefox addons. 10 years back a desktop machine with 256 MB memory was top of the line. Now, 4 GB memory on a desktop machine is less. Are the operating systems the reason for this bloat or are the developers of software applications to blame for such a ever-lasting need of more memory?

Samsung has already started manufacturing DDR4 memory sticks and says that they are making 32GB sticks for the servers. Most likely the new DDR4 chips will start showing up enterprise servers and later will come to laptops and desktops. We are also hoping to see some innovation in the low powered memory chips for mobile devices this year.