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What is Rambus (RDRAM) Memory?

Named for RAMBUS® Inc., the maker of the memory device, and in partnership with Intel® Corporation, these devices promise to provide a 1.6 Gigabyte per second transfer rate on a narrow 16-bit bus (referred by the company as a RAMBUS channel). When grouping 4 of these RAMBUS channels together to conform to today's 64-bit wide bus, capabilities reach a transfer rate of 6.4 GB per second, with higher bandwidths planned in the years ahead.

They bear a resemblance to high-speed DDR devices in that data transfer occurs at both the rising and falling edges of the system clock. They work at an incredible 800MHz rate on a 400MHz system clock and also help cut down power by using a supply voltage of 2.5V. This not only reduces heat, but also assists in tempering noise interference. Nonetheless, as the environment involves such high frequencies, it is necessary for the modules to be placed very close to the CPU to avoid potential problems from noise.

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